SVF gratefully acknowledges the financial support obtained for its work from a range of organizations since 2003:

  • Human Rights & International Humanitarian Law Secretariat
  • Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
  • Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
  • Care International
  • European Commission
  • Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation
  • Henrich Boell Foundation
  • Jerusalem Fund for Education and Development
  • MBI Al Jaber Foundation
  • Medical Aid For Palestinians MAP-UK
  • Middle East Partnership Initiative
  • National Endoment for Democracy
  • Non-governemental Orgenizations Developement Center – NDC
  • OPEC Fund for International Development
  • Representative Office of NORWAY to the Palestinian Authority
  • TIRI Making Integrity Work
  • UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund
  • Westminster Foundation for Democracy
  • Women’s World Day for Prayer

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