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Society Voice Foundation – SVF is a non-profit organization, non-governmental, non partisan, established in 2001 – SVF mission is to empower the Palestinian civil society by designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a series of community actions. SVF has three different offices in Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Since its inception, SVF received donations from 20 different international donors to support its work and initiatives from EC, OFID, Arab Fund, and UN youth fund, WFD, NED etc. In this context, SVF has succeeded to manage implementing more than 32 civil society projects under its four civil society programmes targeting mainly women and youth.


SVF seeks improving the situations of the target groups on the concept and practices of empowered civil society to undertake initiatives instead of negative positions. SVF’s target groups will campaign for better community participation, rule of law, transparency, gender equality, fighting corruption and respecting international human rights laws within the Palestinian organizations. The situations of the target group will be improved by participation, accessing of information and contributing to transparent and accountable public life. SVF mission is to contribute to empower the Palestinian civil society by designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a series of good governance, Human rights, democracy and conflict transformation actions.


  • Promote and disseminate the concepts and practices of human rights in accordance with the international humanitarian law.
  • Raise Awareness of the Palestinian citizens about human rights and the humanitarian international law.
  • Increase understanding and engagement of the Palestinian citizens in the actions and practices of democracy, good governance and rule of law.
  • Spread awareness among people on the importance of societal development which depends on strong basis and how to achieve it, and on making people aware of how they and the society will benefit from it.
  • Increase the participation of the whole classes of the society in development and societal issues while opening new spheres to other civilizations.
  • Empower woman social participation and political engagement in decision making process as an integral part of understanding her rights and duties at all levels.
  • Promote dialogue of civilizations across the Mediterranean to contribute to pluralism, and cultural openness of the Palestinian society with emphasis on its own identity.
  • Promote the Palestinian cultural heritage through art, theater and media as an integral part of human and social development.
  • Develop and build the capacities of the Palestinian citizens to respond to conflicts and crisis peacefully and positively.
  • Improve youth understanding of non violence and engagement in peaceful and conflict transformation actions and practices as necessity for development and social change.

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