SVF conducted a field survey on violence against women, inheritance deprivation, and unemployment. SV designed a special questionnaire to collect data from women about violence, inheritance deprivation, and unemployment. 323 Palestinian girls from Gaza, responded. %18.9 of them were under the age of 20, 71.2 between 21 and 30, 7.7 between 31 and 40, 2.2 between 41 -50.

  • %74.7 of those responded  said  that women are not considered inferior to men.
  • 67.5 percent believed that violence against women is a phenomenon.
  • 64.4 percent asserted that men are not preferred to men inside the households.
  • 68.1 percent support the notion that women are still being neglected.
  • 76.5 percent  believe that women are somehow aware of all their rights.
  • 44.5 percent assert that social traditions and violence are related.
  • 57.3 assert that violence against women is merely attributed to the society’s outlook to women as being inferior to men
  • 78.6 percent believe that violence against women reduce women participation in the community
  • 56.3 of the polled see that the most severe form of violence is the beating
  • 91.6 believe that women exposed to violence should speak out
  • According to the survey, reasons for women silence and fear are potential divorce and family degeneration.
  • Respondents believe that raising awareness of women and men would reduce violence
  • 96 percent believe that some special awareness sessions should be held for young couples
  • 67.5  percent agree that civil society organizations assume their roles regarding violence against women.
  • 43 percent support the idea that workshops have helped raise awareness of women
  • 62.5 percent assert that absence of law has led to more violence against women
  • 63.8 assert that depriving women of their right to heritage constitutes a serious problem
  • 32.5 percent of the respondents assert that women resort to relatives in case they are deprived of their heritage.
  • 60.4 percent  believe that taking over women heritage is considered an economic violence.
  • 47.7 percent of the respondents disagree that women attain equal opportunities to men.
  • 94.4 percent of respondents assert that women labor reinforces women self-confidence.
  • 56.3 percent agree that the higher living costs are, the more women labor increases.
  • 72.4 percent of respondents believe that there can’t be real development without women.
  • 54.8 percent assert that women social participation  has helped women take leading and administrative positions.
  • 51.7 percent believe that women participation in municipal councils is such in-genuine one.
  • 49.8 percent believe that women in municipal councils contribute to policy outlining.
  • 57.9 percent agree that existence of women within municipal councils help women network with the municipalities.


According to those polled, poverty and unemployment are the main causes of violence against women.

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