SVF’s Empowerment Women Social and Political Participation Program invited Ms. Wesam Jouda, civil society activist fromWomenAffairesCenter, and Mrs. So’ad Shawaf, member of the General Union of Palestinian Women, to talk in a live radio show to discuss ‘ Women Enhancement Role of Political Participation ‘. The program broadcasted by Alwan Radio on July 7th, 2012. Mrs. Jouda mentioned that Palestinian women played an active and vocal role in Palestinian political life for generations. While most women political leaders have certainly not been well-known as men leader, women have played numerous roles in the Palestinian political system, and occupied key decision-making positions. She continued much more needs to be done to encourage women political participation.

She said: no one denies women contributions and their quest for positive change and community liberation process. According to Shwaf, women succeeded to reach parliaments, local councils and decision-making positions. They succeeded to occupy high positions in the political arena strongly and effectively.

Mrs. Shwaf also indicated that women organizations play a key role in promoting women situation at different levels. She confirmed that they are still seeking to activate and develop women’s political participation through launching initiatives and activities to promote and reinforce their real political participation. She discussed that political support is extremely important in the Palestinian territories because the gains will not be significant without the support of official leadership and community to women’s causes.

In conclusion, both speakers demanded officials and decision-makers to activate the laws and conventions that increase and develop women political participation. They called to end the socio-political division as one of the most obstacles and challenges facing positive development and political participation.

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